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Malden COVID-19 Mutual Aid Enter the URL or scan the QR code for the live version. LAST UPDATED: 2 PM Saturday March 21

PRINT AND SHARE THIS INFO: https://tinyurl.com/MaldenCOVID
SIGN UP TO GIVE OR RECEIVE HELP: https://tinyurl.com/MaldenCOVIDForm
JOIN US ON FACEBOOK:https://tinyurl.com/MaldenCOVIDFB

Malden and Massachusetts both declare state of emergency.
Reduced MBTA service. Schools, sit-in bars/restaurants, and ANY gatherings of 25 people are all CANCELLED
Stay at home to "Flatten the Curve"
COVID-19 is the scientific name for "coronavirus". It's a respiratory disease with flu-like symptoms, much higher risk of hospitalization or death, and no cure or vaccine.

Up to 50% of us could get sick with COVID-19 over the next year. If too many people get sick at the same time, hospitals will run out of beds and equipment, and many more people will die. This is currently happening in Italy, and it could happen here too.

We all need to cooperate to Flatten The Curve (flattenthecurve.com):

practice extreme social distancing: no work, stores, MBTA, Uber/Lyft, parties, etc.
if you HAVE to leave home: soap hands, don't touch face, stay 6 FEET APART
be ready for to stay at home for up to 2 weeks
if you get sick, be prepared to treat symptoms at home

Everyone should STAY HOME AND CANCEL ALL EVENTS AND WORK. People exposed to COVID-19 must not leave home AT ALL for up to 2 weeks, even if they have no symptoms. People with COVID-19 symptoms should follow CDC guidelines, including staying home for THREE DAYS after their fever ends (minimum 1 week). Most people can't do that alone, and without community help they risk infecting other people unnecessarily.

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